The city of Mughlai Delicacy takes you on a roller coaster ride of monuments of historical importance painted in the landscape of ornate gardens and teeming lakes all around. The capital city of Andhra Pradesh accounts for the heroic triumphant past in the historic times; mirrors the prehistoric age old monuments and the museum galleries. There are numerous of Tourist Places in Hyderabad which you cannot afford to drop out of your visit to this capital city.

Cultural Folk Tale with Historic Antiquity


The monumental beauty goes on exquisite with this monument situated in the integral part of the city. The minaret is about 46 metres long and is lionized as Arch de Trimuphe of the East. The monument was sculpted during the reign of Sultan Muhammad QuliQutub Shah in 1591 AD. Charminar is known as an epitome of harmony and social fraternity. The local markets offer you with peerless bargain and are one of the most popular tourist places in Hyderabad.

charminar hyderabad

Mecca Masjid

The mosque is one of the oldest and largest mosques in our nation built by the Mughal emperor Muhammad QuliQutub Shah during his regime. About 10,000 communal devotees can be harmonized simultaneously in this huge erection. The intriguing facts about this pious mosque are that it is sculpted out of a single stone on which the sacred verses from the holy Book Quran on it as well as on the doors. The entrance hold up graves made up of marbles of the AsafJahi Mughal Sultans and several Nizams. The holy mosque illustrates the essence of Mughal Architecture. So this is one of the most divine Tourist Places in Hyderabad.

mecca masjid hyderabad

Golconda Fort

The fort lies at a radius of 11KM from the city of Nizams that is Hyderabad. Kakatiyas were the builders of this historical fort in around 13th century. The supple and ornamental fort spring out 400ft above the level of sea. The fort is composed of four forts and each one is decked with majestic halls, sacred mosques, temples and the stables. The architectural allure of the fort is zoomed in by baroque gates, domes and pavilions. The mausoleums of the QutubShahi kings are vaulted here. So this is a must place to visit among the tourist places in Hyderabad.

golconda fort hyderabad

Salar Jung Museum

The museum galleries the sporadic collection of enchanting master pieces of canvas, arts, tapestries and weaponry along with jade heirlooms. The Salar Jung Museum is known to be the third biggest museum in the country. The museum is entitled after the famed Mughal Nawab Mir Yousuf Ali Khan Salar Jung III who was the preeminent minister of the seventh Nizam of this city in the state of Telangana. The winsome dominion of the museum envelops the wardrobe of Tipu Sultan, Canvas of Raja Ravi Varma, swords of Aurangzeb and the museum is also furnished by the furniture from the Napolean delicacy. You can peek into the graceful past of city by visiting this museum which is one of the most minion spots among the Tourist Places in Hyderabad. 

salar jung museum hyderabad