Jaipur Vacations

Exuding a charm of regal tradition, the Indian city of Jaipur has a long history of being a political, economic, and cultural center of the country. Popularly known as the Pink City, deriving the epithet from terracotta-colored lime plaster adorning innumerable historical monuments across Jaipur, the city offers numerous attractions and shopping arcades for tourists to bask in during their holiday sojourn. With its magnificent architectural splendor and fascinating royal heritage, the Pink City is sure to leave you captivated. Jaipur holidays are a remarkable way to explore the glorious palaces, stunning hilltop forts, bewitching natural sights, mouth-watering food, striking jewelry pieces, and bargain-filled bazaars that adorn this Indian royal city.

Holiday Weather

The best time to plan a holiday to Jaipur is from November to March, when the weather is cool, with temperature averaging 25 degrees. For the rest of the year, a hot and dry desert climate will welcome you to Jaipur, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius from April to June. It typically rains in July and August in Jaipur. It is this period of the year when you would love to be in this part of India.

Getting to Jaipur
•Well connected to the rest of the country, Jaipur boasts a domestic airport with frequent flights to and from Delhi and major Indian cities.
•With excellent railway connectivity, reaching Jaipur from Delhi takes merely five hours.
•Bus is another option to go to Jaipur from Delhi. You’ll find plenty of bus services to and from different destinations.

Jaipur Holiday Attractions

A holiday to Jaipur promises to give you an experience of a lifetime in the capital city of Rajasthan, known to be a natural gateway to the exotic state that is lively in every sense. As one of the most glorified parts of the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra, the Pink City lures tourists with its remarkably stunning remnants of a bygone era, with stunning views and elaborate architecture.

ü The most popular of all Jaipur attractions, City Palace is an architectural wonder, thanks to its remarkable combination of Rajput, Mughal, and European architecture. Different from other forts in the city, City Palace covers a significant area of the charming city – known for its exquisitely carved interiors, marble pillars, and art gallery.

ü A part of the City Palace complex overlooking the busy bazaar street, the five-story Hawa Mahal or palace of winds charms tourists with its magnificent Rajput architecture and craftsmanship. Its delicately latticed pink sandstone windows adorn the façade of the building and are thus a great attraction for those on a Jaipur vacation.

ü With its marvelous collection of innovative astronomical instruments, Jantar Mantar complex on the Parliament Street is one of the most popular Jaipur attractions, which attracts visitors to its 20 monumental examples in masonry, each having specific characteristics of their own. One of the best preserved Indian historical observatories, Jantar Mantar is an expression of the pioneering astronomical skills of a scholarly Prince Jai Singh II in those times.

ü A holiday to Jaipur will remain incomplete without a visit to the Amber Fort, located in picturesque and rugged hills, with the picturesque Maota Lake in the foreground. A classic fort palace, with its rugged forbidding exterior and an intricately designer interior with a stunning fusion of art and architecture, the historic fort, made in white marble and red sandstone, is another notable blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture in Jaipur. With its amazingly rich architecture, Amber Fort is an epitome of victory and courage for the locals.

ü For nature lovers, Sisodia Rani Garden is a must-visit during their Jaipur vacations. A pristine example of nature’s bounty in Jaipur, the majestic garden has a heavenly feel to it, with splendid architecture depicting numerous untouched scenes of Radha Krishna life.

ü Galtaji is another tourist attraction in Jaipur that you won’t like to miss during your holiday. An ancient pilgrimage center, surrounded by splendid gardens flanking low hills, Galtaji is a blessed landscape, with plenty of holy natural springs and water tanks and beautifully decorated temples.

ü You cannot end your vacation to Jaipur without visiting the Birla Mandir. Built in pure marble, the beautiful Goddess Lakshmi and God Narayan temple premises are adorned by refreshing gardens and handicrafts shops.

Enjoy the Charm of A Jaipur Vacation

Brightly colored locals, pink colored walls, colorful markets, and ambling camels reflect Jaipur’s desert heritage. With its profound cultural affinity, inspiring history, princely ambience, splendid museums and artifacts, and profusion of handicraft and intricate works of art, the charming city is proud of its historical legacy, which reflects clearly in its scintillating pink-colored palaces and forts, showing tourists a profound intermix of the splendor of the yore and wonder of the modern days.

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