Saving money is always a bonus, especially if we’re trying to plan a holiday. If the purse strings are a little tight at present, here’s a few tips on how to get the best deal when it comes to planning a budget holiday:

– Book very early or very late.

Tickets for everything – from airplane seats to hotels – are at their most expensive two to three months before the date you want to stay. To maximize the chances of getting a bargain, look to book early – up to six months in advance wherever possible – or late. The later you leave booking, the higher the chances of prices being slashed to try and entice customers; this is especially true of airlines, who don’t want to fly airplanes half-full.

– Use whatever discount cards you may be applicable for.

Depending on the country you are visiting, you may be eligible for travel discount tickets such as a Young Person’s Discount or a Family Pass. Check with the relevant transport line or airline to see if there are any savings to be made.

– Don’t expect everything to be easy.

For complete luxury, everything provided and simple for you, you’re going to have to pay for it. Lowering your expectations will allow you to plan a budget holiday effectively. Consider flying to a different airport and using public transport to reach your hotel, or book lower star-graded accommodation.

– Be flexible.

The best way to ensure bargain prices is to be flexible with the dates, times and airports you can travel from. This may mean flying at 4am in the morning, but the savings will make up for the inconvenience.