Why the best time to visit Kolkata is in October

You are a traveler. An ardent traveler! You have trekked on the Himalayas and indulged in scuba diving in the pristine blue green waters of Andaman islands. But have you visited Kolkata during October?  Have you visited the city of joy when she adorns herself like a newly-wed blushing bride beaming with happiness filled till […]

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The Prelude to the Rio Olympics 2016

Rio is host to the Olympic Games this year simplistically termed as the Rio Olympics 2016. The scheduled venue is at Rio de Janerio from 5th to 21st August, 2016. The new games of rugby sevens and golf are fresh entrants, added in 2009. Kosovo and Sudan are first time participants. It will feature 28 […]

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Rio Olympics: Events and Ceremonies

Rio de Janerio is host to the Summer Olympics 2016. Ever since she has been honored with the title, Rio has been decking up in preparation for the prestigious event. The logo is ready, so are the mascots and the schedule for the events are on the Rio Olympics official website as well. So if […]

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RathaYatra Celebration – an Experience of a Lifetime!

India is a country full of customs and known for its rich culture and heritage. It is a country that boasts of royal eras and traditional flamboyance. It has too many customs to keep a count of and each one of the custom is equally important to every person celebrating it. There are various religions […]

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The Month of Happiness: Festivities Across the Globe in July

When it comes to India, the saying goes that though there are twelve months in a year, there are thirteen festivals. That’s more or less true, plus around a million festivals! But let’s take a brief look at some of the happening events and festivals in India, Dubai and Sri Lanka during the month of […]

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